Definition of shared proxy

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As the name suggests, more than one individual shares the server. It means our more than one client will be utilizing the identical IP address at the same time. At many times, shared proxies become the best option for the customers who want a much affordable proxy option. It is true that shared proxies are much cheaper than any other proxies are and they are semi anonymous. This simply means that a chosen group of users can also access the proxies that are offered to you. Moreover, this method has proved to be very beneficial for the purposes of SEO and we offer them from multiple locations.Shared proxies are shared but is barely noticeable.The same IP addresses may be used by different clients but would still anonymous.Shared proxy use 4 to 5 person like use gaming and many more.This proxy service also supports HTTP and other protocols. In addition, authentication is still necessary giving the client better security and safety.our shared proxies are from multiple US locations with multiple subnets and each proxies requires your IP authentication which can be easily managed from our online proxy manager which allows you to manage your proxies easily.As it were, we can infer that sites attack our protection as we risk upon them. Our IPs get recorded and our area turns out to be a piece of their potential client database. In their own particular manner, it is a piece of their shared proxies and advancements battle. While this may appear as typical business rehearses, we as Internet clients are still in plausible peril as we acknowledge their offers. A portion of the undesirable activity we get might be encoded with hazardous scrambled code that is hurtful to our PC frameworks.

Benefits of shared proxy with us

Geo location

From our various geographical locations, all your proxy IPs are assigned randomly by default. If you want any information about any specific geo location then you can contact us anytime. You can also check our list of various locations for which we render the IP address.

Refreshed IPs

The shared proxies work great, as we refresh the proxy IPs every month. This keeps them updated and in good condition. Thus, you will not face any issue with our shared proxies for a long period.

Control panel

Since we offer completely automated control panel, it will become much easier for you to manage your account without any hassles.

Simultaneous usage

Our customers get the authorization to add as many IPs as they want to be authenticated for the use of proxy. You can simultaneously use all the IPs without any compromise with the speed.


Speed always remains an issue when you approach other proxy providers. However, the same issue will not be confronted with us. We render a blistering speed of 1000 Mbps/second, which is the highest in the industry.

Our shared proxy plans

You can get hold of various shared proxy plans from our company. Depending upon your requirements and business needs, you can buy the most suitable plan and get it activated at the soonest. All our plans are 100% HTTP based and have multiple subnets. Moreover, they are available with 24*7 support of our proficient technical team that is always ready to fix your proxy issues within no time.